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We're talking to our fans now at Alex's Facebook, Band Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, & Lex Neon's Music Blog.

OK I found some time to type up some thoughts.. been listening and absorbing all week while driving around, (which is a great environment for these songs...) I have to say right upfront that I feel a kinship with you guys as coming from a similar basic preference for 60's gems to 70's AM Gold in our music. We both seem to have The Beatles as the quintessential artistic/aesthetic touchstone, too. Sort of the source stream for musical vision..

"All About You"...
I >LOVE< this song! I hear a sort of Supertramp/REM hybrid vibe... It's so ecstatic it just totally shines up any room it's played in. It has a chugging rhythm that you enter like a river and swim along, love the end fade to harmony section. In an alternate universe where the music mattered this would be huge.

"Angel Wings"
Really tasty ballad. I have to say your heart shines through your voice which is what it's all about at the end of the day. Very human and warm.
Another thing I love about this collection is how it sounds like a fricking greatest hits album! All killer no filler.

Oh man we are getting into some serious sunshine pop here and I am one happy camper! One thing I love about Poppermost is each song has its own hook that just kills. Here it's that guitar ba-da ba-da ba-da ba-da when you're singing "Butterfly" Simple and perfect. Your songs appeal to both head and heart.

"Christine Purple Star"
Were you into the Paisley Underground in the 80's? (Wasn't that an LA thing?) This has a 3 O'Clock / Dukes of Stratosphere retro paisley sound that just kills. Damn this sounds so good.
sort of droney-hypno love wheel 60's tie dyed glory! Wave your freak flags high!

"Dark Summer"
After listening to this collection for a while I started noticing a real REM / Big Star streak running through anything, which kind of surprised me because I'd never noticed you mention them before, but (And I am completely serious when I say this) you guys capture the spirit of those band better than anyone else I've heard compared to them. It's still Poppermost, you are making it your own.

Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba? Hell yeah, I'm there! This is the "Power Pop" section of the compilation (Which is kind of funny since they are in a random (well, alphabetic is kind of random) order. But the order seems planned? Cool! I fricking LOVE that vocal interlude in the middle where you hit a flatted 7th a couple times... magic!

"Gabriella Sasparilla"
Oh man extra points for that flanged sweep! I dig the fact you guys will take a chance on FX as a brief hooky flavor. Plus organ in a heavy song... kind of has moments that make me think of one of my favorite bands "Paul Revere And The Raiders" Who could really blend heavy/hooky/pop... tight!

Ah I already wrote about this one.. carpal tunnel avoidance / moving on, but BIG LOVE FOR THIS SONG!

"Isabella [Vina]"
Oh collective dudes this is pure awesome sauce. My highest compliment? The 21st century Turtles doing a "Good Vibrations".... and those are two of my all time favorite things. This is dangerously hooky... damn guys... wish I'd written this. A suite of kill-kill topped with pop confection perfection! Dayum...

There isn't a single song in this collection that doesn't have fresh breezes of creative visionary musical sweeps cascading around a great basic song.
Weeeeoooooweeeeeeooooo yeah man, nice!

"Liv Says"
You guys also write about girls.
A lot.
No, I mean A lot. ;-)
Shit... I've been married for 30 years... I can't. This song reminds me of a sort of early eighties sound like Sniff-n-the-Tears or maybe Big Country/Simple Minds-ish? Another point I want to make about your songs is that every single one of them actually (and literally) feels good to listen to.

"Love Sweet Love"
This song almost made me pull over when I first heard it. Swear to God I wrote a song that sounds -just- like this in the late eighties, same groove, same fricking patches... really, it's a mind bending doppleganger... (This would be in my Scritti Politti phase.. we had an ESQ-1, a Sequential six-trak and a DX21 synth all doing.... this!) The main vocal melody is different, but the groove is freaking mojo voodoo for me to listen to it's so close... I've been searching for a cassette tape mix of it and I can't find anything that old.. I'm sure it's buried in the garage. Seriously blew my mind with synchrionicity here.

"Momma B"
Beach Boys produced by Andrew Gold... really tasty. You nail this one.

"Patties Record World"
Is this a commercial? Jangly jangle!

"Then There's Jackie"
What the.....? Freaking amazing, I did not see this coming Van Dyke Park comes by to sing on a Syd era Pink Floyd track with Jethro Tull backing? Wow...

OK, I did short change you a bit on the last three reviews, but my arm is aching by now and I need to get some Z's... Really guys this is a GREAT GREAT collection of tracks... Best Pop I've bumped into since The Red Button! The both of you should be very proud of this... Consider me a fan!

by our fan, Paul Ellis, on May 26, 2012 in an email to us.


"Wow, 'Isabella Vina' gets better the more I hear it.  It sounds like the Beatles; it has great melody, piano, and harmony.  Kinda catchy -- like it."
tcourtsforever Jan 14 2009 (Comment on our Last.fm page)

"This is an unusual track.  It was hard for me to pigeon hole this one.  Still listening and I don't know what to make of this.  The harmonies are striking, loved the instrumental break galloping along, so many different segments, it kept me listening to the very end.  Yes it's the Beach Boys from Pet Sounds era which is a fine recommendation in itself... Dylan."
Dylan Thermos (UK) Dec 20 2008 ("Isabella Vina" review on our Mixposure page)

"This is great!  I love this...  Extremely well done, and quite timely, too!  Thanks for sharing this.  And thanks for putting me in the spirit of things...  Peace, Jim"
Jims Artificial Eart Nov 16 2008 ("Merry Christmas" review on our Mixposure page)

"I hear some Beach boys in this song... Can't go wrong with that kind of sound... Beautiful arrangements... Super song"
I Come Prepared Nov 16 2008 ("Isabella Vina" review on our Mixposure page)

"This one was totally surprising for me.  The great harmony vocals, then the acoustic guitar suite... thanks for this great entertainment!"
-- Diego B Nov 16 2008
("Isabella Vina" review on our Mixposure page)

"A lovely tune, enjoyed it!  Thanks for reminding me: It's Christmas time again!"
-- Diego B Nov 16 2008
("Merry Christmas" review on our Mixposure page)

"Hello Poppermost, Listening to your music.. It's got a nice melody and groove to it.. Nice work.. I like 'Concentrate On Me'.. Best Wishes,"
-- lonesome princess Nov 15 200 (comment on our 
Mixposure page)

"Professionally written & produced and with rich pop / commercial flavors.  Vocals / harmonies are superb.  Great work."
-- mystsongs Jun 13 2008
("Isabella Vina" review on our Mixposure page)

"Really love this track.  Lovely tune and well arranged.  Maybe a touch of Brian Wilson in there (which I'm a big fan of).  Excellent!"
Cheers, Richard John
-- lazym Jun 10 2008
("Isabella Vina" review on our Mixposure page)

"This is absolutly excellent. You simply down hear this style anymore and I miss it. It is right on track with all the classic Beatle hits and if you can reproduce these types of songs I would say there is a serious market for you."
-- Surfnorthwest Jun 7 2008 ("Isabella Vina" review on our 
Mixposure page)

"Poppermost has so much to offer musically ~ & it wouldn't surprise me one bit if they have a giant stage presentation with acrobats & white tigers . . .

Vegas is so underrated for Pop / Rock but let me clue you in my friends, as I'd personally spent 10 years in this City of Sin ~ it has one very amazing original music scene that is perpetually on the verge of exploding nationally . . .
The vocals and musicianship of Alex Oliver and Roy Al Rendahl is elegant understatement ~ & the promotional angles from both educational & anime art is just another example of all the time spent in the development & conception of this outstanding band ~ & if you enjoy the softer side of pop ~ I think you're gonna like what Poppermost has to say !!!!!"

The Altruistic Messiah ~ Ben Vandagriff ~ The CEO of Rock & Roll (comment on our Music Nation page)

"Nice little catchy pop number with cool transitions and excellent vocals make this song a great addition to any collection..."
-- Lucindra
Aug 12 2008 ("Concentrate On Me" review on our Mixposure page)

"Now it works fine and it is indeed a great tune!  Love those harmonies!"
-- reapersg Jun 6 2008
("Concentrate On Me" review on our Mixposure page)

"Very attractive track - very entertaining listen!  Outstanding production in this one.  Great vocals!  Great track!"
-- Mike-K
Jun 6 2008 ("Concentrate On Me" review on our Mixposure page)

"Nice solid pop composition.  Vocals are sweet and loved the harmony.  Oops... track still cuts out?"
-- Brian
Jun 6 2008 ("Concentrate On Me" review on our Mixposure page)

"Yeah, I was just getting into this when it disappeared.  What I heard had an excellent pop feel to it with some really sweet harmonies.  A real teaser.  Would like to hear the rest.  Cheers Brian"
-- selftort
Jun 5 2008 ("Concentrate On Me" review on our Mixposure page)

"Nice upbeat tune with solid vocals and great harmony.. oops it cut out.. maybe a sample clip?"
-- reapersg Jun 5 2008 ("Concentrate On Me" review on our Mixposure page)

"Wow!  Lots going on here.  Great use of vocals.  I dig your unique, pop / whatever sound and the musical creativity throughout.  Nice tambourine and bells on 'Kristen.'  Fun stuff. "
-- cjacks [WE PLAY LOUD] (comment on our CYQO page)

"...your new tunes are fantastic and make me wanna sing along.  Cheers."
-- T. Malcolm of the Strolling Scones (comment on our MySpace page)

-- Aaron Charles, musician (feedback for "One More Mile (To Go)" on our 
Music Nation page)

"Very well done piece, retro in a way, but in a very good way, I really like this.  Super cool instrumental sections."
-- Robert Tiernan, musician (feedback for "Isabella Vina" on our 
Music Nation page)

"Thanks for the good word!  Your band is money!  Sounds like nothing I've ever heard before......"
-- StickBottle (comment from the Poppermost OurStage page)

"I'm just a silhouette (queen) of a mama and papa!  Awesome guitars too!"
-- Mark Alan Dooley, musician (feedback for "Isabella Vina" on our 
Music Nation page)

"Thanks for finding me here.  I LOVE THIS BAND!  Funny coincidence - I still teach music in the public schools in Santa Fe, and the district recently adopted the Clark County, NV music curriculum!  Certainly there's not enough popular music in there, and I am interested in what you are doing to spread pop music history to the youth."
-- dtedfordwheeler, musician (feedback from the Poppermost 
OurStage page)

"Pretty Awesome...  Love the poppy sound...  Your vocals and harmonies are great... very unique song...  You made me smile."  "Love it.  Great Song...  Love the Piano and Vocals and instrument arrangements...  Wow...  Amazing Talent!"
-- James of Avalon Parade (feedback for "Isabella Vina" and "Kristen" respectively on our 
Music Nation page)

"Being on vacation time on Maui, I wasn't gonna do much listening to bands that I haven't already heard, as it's hard to find a wireless reception.  But I was very curious about Poppermost, and being so genuine in their comments, I just had to listen.  I'm so glad I did!  These gals n guys are rockin!!!  'Isabella-Vina' gave me f***g GOOSE bumps!!  Very classic sound.  You'll swear that you were listening to a classic hit...... but this is soooo new!  They have an incredible mix of melodies and harmonies reminiscent of the Beatles, Mamas and Papas, and The Beach boys.  These are sounds that are NOT easy to achieve.  Seems like this band got very lucky with the fate of having each other, as they all compliment each other so well.  It's like this
...... no one stands out in front of the other, but if you listen to one part as an individual, you'll see that it could easily happen.  But it doesn't.  It's called 'gelling.'  And Hell...... they Gel...... well...... you can tell......  Especially with Isabelle!!  Lol.  Okay, I'm a dork."
-- Aaron A'bellira of Love Sex n Death (a special salute for "Isabella Vina" on our 
Music Nation page)

"I really dig your arrangements, very cool!"
-- Jami, musician (feedback for "Isabella Vina" on our 
Music Nation page)

"Interesting song, very well put together, nice vocals, the harmonies are smart and beautiful, there is almost a Queen type of sensibility to this song, and that is one of the highest compliments I know. Excellent!  [And 'Kristen' is] another song beautifully arranged with those wonderful soaring harmonies.  You guys and gals have it going on for sure!  I like the lead vocals as well, perfect for the song, first-rate musicianship as well.  Quite a talented family - my compliments!"
-- Ricky Sparks, musician (feedback for "Isabella Vina" and "Kristen" on our 
Music Nation page)

"So well put together and fun too!"
-- Julie Weiler, musician (feedback for "Isabella Vina" on our 
Music Nation page)

"Classy arrangement w / great vocals ~ very nice!"
-- The Altruistic Messiah ~ Ben Vandagriff ~ The CEO of Rock & Roll !, musician (feedback for "Isabella Vina" on our 
Music Nation page)

"Diggin' your music guys.  Powerful!"
-- sisterdebbiedoo, 
OurStage fan

"Sweet!  The chorus really kicks in.  I love the a capella followed by 3 more completely novel sections in the middle.  High class entertainment!"
-- David Wheeler, musician (feedback for "Isabella Vina" on our 
Music Nation page)

"Love this band!  Wow... you guys are great.  So can you post some educational videos on the history of pop music to your profile?  Either way, would love more photos and video from the band to share with other members.  Thanks for putting your talents here!"
-- Daniel Palmer, musician and OurStage.com artist relations guy (comment from the Poppermost 
OurStage page)

"I just gave your tunes a listen... they sound great!  Love the guitar in 'Kristen'... nice upbeat tune!"
-- Karen, (comment on our 
MySpace page)

"'Dark Summer' is really a great song. "
-- Rick of Maple Mars (comment on our 
MySpace page)

"ALL HAIL THE POPPERMOST!!!!!  Glad to see that you finally made it to the fifth dimension as a cartoon character!!!  Hahahaha.  Good stuff man.  Brilliant!!  Congrats on the Best Of Las Vegas [LVRJ] as well...  Stay you.  I like it alot."
-- Shaun aka Brother Luke, musician (comment on our 
MySpace page)

"What's up guys, I saw you on OurStage, and you are definitely at the level of bands that I want for our site.  I can't wait to hear the mastered stuff, but I like the smooth vocals against the chaotic background, it's a nice contrast."
-- MySpace message from Aaron
Music Nation staff member

"Hello Poppermost!  I found you all on The Outer Post, and I absolutely love your music!  Great work!"
-- Tad of The Popheads (
MySpace message)

"Hi guys!  Thanks for the add.  You guys seem like a lot of fun, and the music sounds good!"
-- Mike at Twirl Radio (
MySpace message)

"Hi.  I love your tunes... fantastic stuff really.  Best wishes."
-- Yani of Navy Blue (comment on our 
MySpace page)

"...Your music is bright, joyful, and challenging."
-- Robert (message from 
MySpace friend)

"OMG, I am the luckiest person in the world!!!!!!!!!  'My' song is absolutely fantastic!!!!!!!!!  I'm off to listen again.  FYI... I need HTML to make this smiley MUCH BIGGER!!!!!!!!! 8^)  Love you guys!"
-- Pattie of "Pattie's Record World" (
MySpace friend comment)

"Driving to the Pacific Palisades with my new Poppermost CD and Berlioz's 'Symphony Fantastique.'  What a nice Easter Brunch this will be!"
-- John D, Los Angeles CA (
MySpace friend comment)

"'WoW' 'Sweet Sofia Marie'  How cool is that song!  I love it, and so do all the 'chicks' over this way.  We just got over the 'Fringe Festival' and 'Womadelaide' [Australian festivals] - what a blast they were this year - get your wings pumping and (even though chickens cannot fly) get your parsons noses over this way; your sound would be an awesome addition for next year!!  (Parsons nose - lol... it's a bird joke!)  Love you all."
-- Sheryl, South Australia, Australia (
MySpace friend comment)

"WOW - awesome harmony!!"
-- Lizzy, Minnesota (
MySpace friend / fan)

"I have to tell you, I listened to all your music on your website MySpace page, and damn, damn, damn, you guys are getting better and better.  I loved it.  'Sweet Sofia Marie' was great.  I loved 'Erika,' and the harmony in 'Isabella Vina' was super.  You guys are really kicking butt now."
-- Andrea I., Illinois

"...have been listening to [Bitter Suite Swan Songs].  I love music... but MY [kind of] music.  I'm not too keen on the more 'modern' kinds we have to endure.  I was so very pleasantly surprised when I was listening to your cd in the car yesterday.  I LOVED IT.  It reminded me of a modern Beachboys... and I loved them.  I enjoyed the lyrics and your blending of voices.  Thank you for putting a smile on my face and I look forward to getting more of your CD's."
-- Billie S., California

"Wow... what great songs... I went to your MySpace site to check out 'Sweet Sofia Marie' ~ upbeat song... dig it baby!!!  Then to my surprise 'Erika' begins and it's updated.  Cool!!!
-- Gaby C.

"Cant stop humming your songs, really contagious stuff. 'Kristen if you're listening...' I love it!  PK"
-- Barbarian Twins (from Norway) (comment on our My Indie Nation page)

"I did give your new song 'Sweet Sofia Marie' a listen on myspace and boy you guys are always coming up with a groovy new sound.  I like it.  When do we get to see you perform it?"
-- Hubble Smith, Business Writer, 
Las Vegas Review-Journal

"I must say we're loving your music and hope you will be putting more up in My Indie Nation.  We've also been getting some great feedback from others who have heard you.  Really an amazing sound - very reminiscent of Abba, The Mamas and Papas, 60's, 70's kind of music with great harmonies and complex instrumentation done flawlessly.  We're very impressed."
-- Mary, D and M Music / D and M Records / My Indie Nation / The Indie Net News

"So pretty much I love you guys and you amaze me every day.  This idea with the contest is just GREAT!"
-- George (email from our NumberOneMusic page)

"Hey guys, I checked out the music and it's great... just out of this world!!!  I love the sound and the mixtures of all different realms of music.  My fav song of yours is 'Swan,' I think it is just wonderful!  Wanna wish you guys the best of luck with everything and to take good care."
-- Constantin (email from our 
NumberOneMusic page)

"Hello Poppermost...  Wishing you all good health, every happiness, and much success in all you do...  By the way, I love this 'special song' thing!!!  I love your music and I keep listening to it...  Have a great week guys!"
-- Jennifer (email from our 
NumberOneMusic page)

"Greetings Poppermost!  You guys rock!  I love ALL of your music, and it is among my favorite for the moment.  I hope you come by and do some shows some time soon.  Well, thanx for everything and - KEEP ROCKIN!"
-- John Brakenberry (email from our 
NumberOneMusic page)

"Great, great music!!  Very inspiring!!"
-- Jeannie Shawl (email from our 
NumberOneMusic page)

"Hey Poppermost...  Much respect & admiration to a band that kicks ass with great sound!  Rockin the world!  Absolutely love the track 'Isabella Vina.'  I'm like vibing on this music - a true experience for the mind!  Keep up the fantastic work and hope to see ya!"
-- Agatha (email from our 
NumberOneMusic page)

"Heyz... you guys are kickin azz... with pure style... much luv & respect... if I die from a heart attack I hope it will be from playing your music... Xtremely LOUD!"
-- Warren Quinn (email from our 
NumberOneMusic page)

"In reference to the song 'Down' which may or may not be slotted for the currently in-progress third album...  Man, that's an amazing song!!!  You've got to put it on the album!  Gorgeous guitar work and the harmonies are delicious!!  I'll be playing this one a LOT!! "

-- Pattie Noah, a MySpace friend / fan

"The Knack!  Reminds of the Knack... 'My Sharona'... which is cool... nice production and all round musicianship!!  Keep on rockin!!  Peace out......"
-- bobirito (feedback for "She Let Go" from our Mixposure page)

"(:AWESOME TITLE:)  Drew me in, so glad it did.  (:AWESOME LYRICS:)  Well written.  (:AWESOME VOCALS:)  Sounding ever so good.  (:AWESOME DELIVERY:)  Enjoyed the listen ever so much.  Gets my vote.  (:ABSOLUTELY:)  (:RADIO READY:)  (:BIG BIG BIG HIT:)  IMHO.  Love it.  (:ROCK ON:)"
-- (:Yrral Mallik:), (feedback for "Myself" from our SongRamp page)

"I LOVELOVELOVE the song 'Love Sweet Love.'  Fine, fine piece of writing.  Harmony structure is outstanding."
-- Steven Kalas, Las Vegas NV singer / songwriter

"I took a listen to your new single and it definitely sounded like the Beatles meets The Partridge Family (with Susan Dey on keyboards and Shirley Jones singing the bass line...)."
-- Curt Mader

"Lalala rock.  Fun.  Dark.  Well done."
-- the homos (feedback for "She Let Go" from our Mixposure page)

"Hey, the single sounds great.  'Love Sweet Love.'  Really nice melody, little bit of Beatles in lyrics.  'What a long, strange trip it's been...'"
-- Hubble Smith, Business Writer, Las Vegas Review-Journal

"Those are soo cool songs, I really think you have got the stuff to be a very good rock band.  The best of those 3 brilliant songs I think is: 'Myself.'  I wish you all the best and keep me updated.  Sorry about the bad english, I'm from Switzerland.  Cheers."
-- Gregory (email from our NumberOneMusic page)

"I listened to your stuff at RadioINDY.com.  Excellent!"
-- Michael Hewitt, The Vegas Hustler - The Underground Guide to Sin City!

"Hard and Heavy.  Good job man, heavy hard rock at it's best.  Tight playing and an awesome singer with equally great vocals.  It never gets boring and that beat is infectous.  I was humming this to myself for ages!  Well done!  Production: 9, Originality: 8, Structure: 8,Talent: 8."
-- Don whato1986 (feedback for "Myself" from our Mixposure page)

"My girl and I danced!  Seriously... we were jumping around, is that cool with you?"
-- MR.HURT (feedback for "Myself" from our SongRamp page)

"Oh yeaahhh.  The longawaited follow up for the Pixies... yeeaahhh but a little bit more modern.  It would be a pleasure to see you live...  So please come to Germany...  Production: 10, Originality: 10, Structure: 10, Talent: 10.  Best regards,"
-- tito thestupor (feedback for "Myself" from our Mixposure page)

"Really cool some retro-future-punk-rock-pop.  Realy nice.  My new favorite band...  Production: 10, Originality: 10, Structure: 10, Talent: 10."
-- thestupor (feedback for "She Let Go" from our Mixposure page)

"Back to the eighties.  Solid produced PopRock.  Well written lyrics.  Nice harmonies and nice vocals on this one.  I like the good mood in this tune.  Go ahead and keep on Rockin'."
-- Marijan (feedback for "She Let Go" from our Mixposure page)

"Poppermost's new album, Absolutely Sonic, is absolutely brilliant... love the cd!"
-- DJ Dee, Radio Gets Wild, London

"I'm listening to 'Bang Bang' now and I'm really digging it.  This will probably be the track that I personally play most often.  Thanks again for submitting some really great sounds, I look forward to playing them.  Best wishes, Jen"
-- Jen Strawberry, AiiRadio, UK

"I have received the new [Absolutely Sonic] CD and I like what I hear.  I've added the 4 songs you suggested to our rotation and I imagine that we will play the new 'Bang Bang' very soon.  I'll let you know when something happens.  Cheers, Alex"
-- Alex Malloy koobaradio.co.uk

"I heard about you guys from LVLocalMusicScene.com.  One day I was trying out local music while working and stumbled onto some Poppermost mp3's.  I really dig what you guys are doing.  Thanks for making fun, upbeat, positive music."
-- The Notorious B.I.G. Wurm

"You guys f'n rock!  Keep up the great approach to music, as a breath of fresh air like you guys is welcome in this plastic radio world!  'Rock over London, rock on Chicago... Wheaties... the breakfast of champions...'"
-- W.Willis Love, Big Wurm Posted by notoriousbigwurm (feedback from our Rate Our Band page)

"Well, now that I've heard your music LIVE, the only way to really appreciate Good rock and roll!!!!!!!  You guys sound great together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Looking forward to getting to know more of your music......  Good luck with the band.  Sounds like you all have a prettty good sense of rhythm to work with, that's what makes a band a unit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Nice!!!!!!!!!!!!  See ya again in the future.  Bye for now..."

"I am playing 'Wishing Well' on the 'Only Alternative' show this coming Monday night 5/4/04 between 7 - 8pm UK.  Excellent new music.  Kool website.  Every success to you all.  I have to say, 'Wishing Well' has really grown on me and is well worth more airplay next Monday & Wednesdays at www.streamingradio.co.uk.  Cheers, Roy Sandbrook"
-- streamingradio.co.uk

"I really dig what you guys are doing.  Thanks for making fun, upbeat positive music.  Poppermost is to music what poptarts did for breakfast: made it very compact and yummie!"
-- The Notorious B.I.G. Wurm (Jason Deen), formerly of the Las Vegas band, Kickwurmz

"We've listened to your songs such as 'Wishing Well' and found them to be excellent.  We enjoy your music so much that we would like to stream it on our high bandwidth independent artist internet music station that we launched at RadioIndy.com!"
-- Manny Vacchiano, Radio INDY

"Short Desc: The next REM.  Overall Rating (10 is best): 10.  Following my acquiring the 'Erika' single, which is probably one of the best CD singles to come out of the U.S. in a long time, I found Poppermost's self titled debut album via the internet.  I was not disappointed by the great songwriting, singing, and instrumentation.  I firmly believe Poppermost to be the next really important musical combo to come from the States, in line with the likes of R.E.M.  Absolutely fab!"
-- ACME-US Review of: Poppermost

"Subject: Assbomb.  The drummer on these songs kicks some serious ass.  I could have sworn it was Tommy Lee playing.  He must get a lot of chicks.  Good luck to this incredible band."
-- BW, (feedback from our IUMA page)

"Hey, I really like the new web site design.  I can't believe all the stuff you guys sell.  Poppermost thongs and coffee mugs, that's just so outrageous.  Great marketing."
-- Josh, Watsonville Patio, Portland OR pop rock band

"This band is absolutely amazing.  All the songs are incredible.  This band has real talent and any record label that doesn't pick them up is missing out on a moneymaker!  I especially like 'Cinnamon Sunshine.'  WOW."
-- butterfly, (feedback from our IUMA page)

"You're good!  Like your music!"
-- Teresa Morales, singer, Manila, Philippines (feedback from our Talent Match page)

"Hey guys, this is a fresh, yet familiar sound.  Nice effect you got on the vocal... definite 60-ish with R.E.M. in there, too.  Great driving song!"
-- JAS ("Bang Bang" feedback from our SongRamp page)

"Yo guys!  It's Bret Wice from Asopriam!  Your probably thinking, "Who in the Hell is that?"  Hahahahahaa but that's ok.  You guys are really good... all you need are smashing symbols:)  Sweet ~ Take Care.  Good luck with your music."
-- Bret Wice, (feedback from our IUMA page)

"I was just thinking about you guys the other day.  I listened to your CD while cleaning my condo.  Love your music!"
-- Denise Albright, Albright Consulting Services Inc, Chicago Il

"Just had to let you know how much I appreciated and enjoyed all your fun and incredible music at the opening of Moon Doggies!!!  Your choice of such fun and memorable music gave me some delightful flashbacks as I could clearly notice that several other people were groovin' in the same mode!!!  You guys are the greatest!  Congratulations on the I.P.O. gig!!!  Keep up the awesome work!
          Poppermost >>>>>>>> to the toppermost! >>>>>>>>>>"
-- Noble Vegas

"I finally had a chance to listen to the CD you gave me and I must say I was pleasantly surprised at just how good of a CD it was.  I enjoyed it and I have added it to my personal collection of music, which I don't do for everyone!"
-- Jamie Chvotkin, "Your Ambassador" at CD Baby, online indie music store

"Great Lyrics and Vocals.  The music is emotionally and smoothly honest and the lyrics are a deep and true experience of life."
-- jedicid (feedback from our CD Baby page)

"I haven't got to listen to the CD yet because Mason [Nostrom] stole it from me.  He really loves you guys.  That song 'Lady-In-Waiting' is so good.  I got tears in my eyes when you guys played it.  When you write a song from such a sincere place as that...... that is what music and songwriting is about for me.  Great job at Saigon, you guys rocked!  Hope to see you soon.  KEEP ON ROCKIN!"
-- Sara Patterson, Las Vegas NV singer / songwriter

"Love your music and we played 'Bang Bang' last Sunday.  We intend to feature Poppermost this Sunday."
-- Rick & Nancy Wire, Wiredtogether Radio Show, KNRY, Monterey CA

"I really dig what you guys are doing."
-- Jeff Celentano, Tripsitter, Las Vegas pop band

"Definitely a 10.  This is the best of the best indie music out there today.  The songs are excellent, and the musicianship is absolutely incendiary.  Highly recommended!!"
-- Armand Shoukry (feedback from our Rate Our Band page)

"Make way for a compelling musical presence.  An arresting body of work punctuated with compact, kindred moments of surprising and paradoxical self-reflection.  My personal favorite is 'Cinnamon Sunshine' with its smooth undertones and lyrics that echo Paul Westerberg.  Another track 'Where the Guilty Prayed' speaks to the grief from the unrealized experiences that occur in relationships throughout one's life.  All in all, a worthy and highly recommended compilation of songs.  Listeners will appreciate the wide range of talent and craft present in Poppermost."
-- Roberto Delgadillo (feedback from our CD Baby page)

"We listened to your CD during soundcheck on Tuesday -- sounds great my man."
-- Michael Soli, Las Vegas NV singer / songwriter

"P.S. 'Erika' rules."
-- Dylan Moses, Las Vegas NV singer / songwriter

"You guys ROCK!"
-- Tim Torgerson, former Las Vegas NV now in Montana singer / songwriter

"Songwriting should be personal, image inducing, memorable, and an evolving art that reflects the writer... the new Poppermost single, 'Erika' is all that and a bag of chips!  They [Poppermost] are really going into a direction I like with both their writing and their production.  The sounds and tones are very much their own as well... kudos, kudos, kudos!!!!!"
-- Shawn Eiferman, Las Vegas NV singer / songwriter, former Epstein's Mother and current Ponder frontman

"Absolutely fabulous!  Incredible lyrics and beautiful voices.  I can't remember the last time I listened to a CD over and over again and enjoyed every single song.  The songs have me dancing one minute and self-reflecting the next.  Lyrics that have true meaning and convey a message - what a refreshing change!  Uplifting and moving.  Alex, I wish I could have put into words just how good your music makes me feel.  I haven't taken it out of my computer yet, and I listen to it all the time here at work.  I just love your voice!!!!!  It's so upbeat and of course some of the lyrics hit me 'right there.' :)  I am so happy for you and your band (I'm listening to 'Cinnamon Sunshine' right now).  You're incredibly talented and with your music, you move our hearts and lift our spirits."
-- Emilse Gonzalez (feedback from our CD Baby page)

"Retro, retro, retro!!!!  That's right, it seems the timing may be right on for Poppermost.  With the recent popularity of 'retro-quasi-garage' bands like The Strokes, The Vines, and The White Stripes, Poppermost may have an audience with their sound.  I honestly thought that I had stepped into a time machine and it had transported me to 1968.  It has a VERY retro feel and the guitar work on the instrumental is excellent!"
-- Kelly Jolley (feedback from our CD Baby page)

"We like to cruise Monterey Bay with the windows open and Poppermost cranked up."
-- Tim Berndt, Monterey CA singer / songwriter, The Natural Echo Project

"I like all the songs on the Poppermost CD, but I especially like 'Cinnamon Sunshine', I play that song over and over."
-- Ann Aakry
"I like to listen to all of the songs except 'Cinnamon Sunshine'!"
-- Ann's husband Dave

"The music is addictive, I never get tired of listening to it."
-- Noble Vegas

"Damn good [Poppermost] CD by the way!"
-- Derek Sivers, Founder of CD Baby, online indie music store
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